Palco Generators
rental units
Durable, dependable power packages from PALCO

Palco maintains a fleet of rental generators from 20kw to 300kw. All of our units are trailer mounted to provide a vibration-free trip, even when transporting your PALCO rental generator over rugged terrain.

Anytime, anywhere...your demand for safe, reliable power source can be met! The PALCO Rental Fleet offers rental sets designed to meet your power needs in mind - power outages, emergencies, planned shutdowns, outdoor events, onboard power, peak shaving and more.

The Fast Response Kohler generators feature instant response to load changes, sustained short circuit capability and superior motor starting performance. Vibration isolation, low coolant level shutdown, commercial standard radio suppression, fan/belt guards and junction boxes are standard on all units. Each electrical generation unit has easy to operate control panels, key starting, automatic shutdowns, pre-alarm indicators and enclosures that provide silent, reliable operation. The one-piece design incorporates ventilation, acoustics and exhaust systems.
rental service
Delivery and pick up of unit by PALCO
Generator Features:
  • Aluminum housings
  • Battery charger
  • Block heaters
  • Electronic governors
  • External fuel in and out
  • Lockable voltage selector switch
  • Line circuit breakers
Trailer features
  • 2 5/16" ball hitch
  • 2" ball hitch
  • Pintel eye hitch
  • Diamond skid plate
  • Jack
  • Low fuel shutdown
Rental options:
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
When requested, PALCO will provide a field service crew for operation, or to assist in set-up and start-up. You can count on PALCO for full service support.